About Libya

Geographical location

Libya is situated in the center of the coast of North Africa on the Mediterranean, bordered to the east of Egypt, on the south by Sudan, Chad and Niger, on the west by Algeria and Tunisia. The geography of Libya extends between longitudes 9 ° and 25 ° east, and latitudes 25 18 ° and 33 ° north Based on its geographical location Libya is an important bridge linking Africa and Europe, and has its featured on the southern coast of the Mediterranean to be affected since ancient times and directly influenced by historical events which have defined the Mediterranean region. Libya’s ports are suitable for the reception of vessels throughout the year, such as the ports of Benghazi and Tripoli. The proximity of Libya from the major tourism markets of Western Europe and its links to neighbouring countries by a network of paved roads makes access easy, whether by sea, land or air and place it as a prime tourist destination.


Libya is characterized as broad as the spatial area within the limits of 1,774,440 square kilometers, and thus comes as the fourth in terms of size for the African countries.


The main language spoken in Libya is Arabic (the Libyan dialect) and Modern Standard Arabic is also the official language; the Berber languages are also spoken. Italian and English are sometimes spoken in the big cities, although Italian speakers are mainly among the older generation.


Libya has a population of about 6,097,556 according to the census of 2005.

Ethnic groups

The original inhabitants of Libya belonged predominantly to various Berber ethnic groups; however, the long series of foreign invasions – particularly by Arabs and Turks – have had a profound and lasting influence on Libya’s demographics. Today, Libyans are primarily Arab or a mixture of Arab and Berber ethnicity, or a mixture of Arab and Turkish ethnicity.


The predominant religion in Libya is Islam. The vast majority of Libyan Muslims adhere to Sunni Islam, which provides both a spiritual guide for individuals and a keystone for government policy.